Thursday, December 06, 2007

Trivia Thursday: Where's The Remote?

For this week's Trivia Thursday, I am focusing on TV shows and the cities they were set in. To make it even more fun, they are all shows that are favorites of mine.

1) Homicide: Life on the Streets showed the lives of police patrolling the crime-infested streets of what East Coast city?

2) In an episode of Futurama, Fry ends up in a place he thinks is New New York in the year 3000. What city was revealed to be his actual location?

3) In what suburb do the Freemans of Boondocks fame reside? And what city did the brothers originate?

4) In what city is the USA series Psych set in? BONUS: What city is actually home to its production?

5) Everybody knows the cities of the Heroes universe. But can you name both the major city and the offshoot haven of the superbeings in the series The 4400?

6) In what city does the sitcom My Hero take place? BONUS: What is the hometown of the protagonist, according to his cover story?

6 brain pickings:

  1. I only know #1, because I LOVE Homicide. It's in Baltimore.

    I also love Boondocks, and enjoy Psych but am drawing a blank.

    I miss Homicide.

  2. Oh, TV trivia! The only kind of trivia I actually know. (Sad.)

    3. Is Psych in San Luis Obispo? Or maybe Santa Barbara, as Nate says. I think they might shoot in San Diego. Or maybe not. Actually, I might know nothing at all!

    4. Seattle/Promise City

  3. And by 3 and 4, I actually mean 4 & 5. Sheesh.

  4. Here are the answers:

    1) Baltimore

    2) Los Angeles

    3) Woodcrest, a fictional suburbs of their hometown of Chicago

    4) Santa Barbara, but is actually filmed in Vancouver

    5) Seattle and Promise City

    6) Northolt and some place in Ireland (never really found out the specific city).

  5. How do they get Vancouver to look like Santa Barbara? Or don't they? I've only seen the pilot of that show. (Therefore I probably should not have attempted to answer the question.)


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