Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Online Game Teamup, Anyone?

I have gone through my personal game library, and noticed I have quite a few online games that, while not insisting on it, are quite favorable to multiplayer. Remembering that Manny is on Xbox Live, I wondered what other games could I pester my friends into playing with me.

So, here is a list of the games I play online, as well as my character names if applicable. Sound off in the comments if you play them, and maybe we can set up a time to kill some shit and take

Note: considering the fact that I am a poor college student with ADD, I cannot afford to pay monthly charges to participate in frustrating grind sessions without some sort of immediate payoff (aka quick levels or money). So all of these are free to play (but not necessarily FREE). I do have City of Heroes and probably some other stuff, plus the 360 games, but they are pretty much off-limits until the dough starts rolling in.

Guild Wars (just restarted) - Vermillion James (plus two others)
9Dragons (one of those Korean MMORPGs ported over from Japan. Compeltely free) - RandKai currently
World of Kung Fu BETA
(similar to 8Dragons, but less populated, brighter and with better movement in my opinion) - Onigumo
Battlefield 2142 (honestly, I don't know why I got it, I suck at FPS) - Nothing yet

That is about it, if you don't count browser games like Sleuth and Kingdom of Loathing. So hit me up and let me know where you roll!

6 brain pickings:

  1. Two reasons you should get a PS3:

    1) Because then you could join me in awesomeness.

    2) Online play is free.

  2. Shadows of DakaronApril 22, 2008 at 8:19 PM

    Awww....I'm a PC gamer, try to stay away from consoles...they cost money. Good luck, V...hope you get a bunch of people online to play with ya

  3. Try some free games and chat at:-

  4. The second my PS3 arrives I will join you in awesomeness TK.

    Get a PS3 V, you know you want to.

  5. It seesm some of you don't seem to understand the concept of I AM TOO POOR.

    Whatever shitty jobs you have that allows you that kind of scratch, please, let me know.

    I am contemplating a career in contract killing, or worse, fast food. The pay/hours would be better.

  6. Shadows of DakaronApril 23, 2008 at 6:34 PM

    Try looking around for a delivery job, V. Some of the major companies will train you for a CDL at the same time as they put you to work. You're on the road all day, you get some physical labor, the hot sun... I remember why I didn't do it...disregard.


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