Thursday, April 24, 2008

Links, instead of Trivia

Haven’t had time to get you any more questions (plus, not many of you answer anyway), so just decided to pop up a few links here and there.

I really want to grow up. I do. But then I see articles like this and…..

Wow. We only go to 10. And in the other direction.

You have no idea how much I wanted to leave this up at my mom’s house for my BET-addicted nephew’s edification.

If you did know already, you don't get named a pop culture milestone until a) Weird Al uses you in a song or b) some one makes a Star Wars-based parody of you. Congratulations, Daniel Plainview.

Since I didn’t have the trivia, here is a little something else to do with your aching mind.

Video: a timeline of Phil Ken Sebben’s “Ha ha ha” quotes. Missing: the sign on his door that says “Ha ha ha. Boss.”


Ha ha ha! Multiple enterdres.

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