Monday, June 25, 2007

Who Am I Crushing On Now: Leilene

Who she is: Current favorite on Charm School; Single mother and stripper; known as "Smiley" from VH1's Flavor of Love.

What I Like About Her: She stands up to probably the most annoying and traitorous girls on the show: Brooke (the slut) and Larissa (the f'ing psychopath). She ended up being one of the more morally righteous women there. She was willing to give up her mother's ring in order to stay. She honestly wanted to change for the better, and it looks like she did. She likes Revenge of the Nerds. Doesn't hurt she is pretty hot, even more so with less makeup, in my opinion.

Possible Difficulties: Her low self-confidence (she is a lot smarter than she assumes she is). She constantly falls back on old habits, like only focusing on one guy who she thinks she has a connection with. Her considerable sexual experience. She supports the Black Hole Known As MySpace.

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6 brain pickings:

  1. How is considerable sexual experience a problem? I don't watch the show, so... how considerable is it?

    Also - isn't Lily Allen going to get jealous?

  2. Her sexual experience:

    - Three kids.
    - Flavor Flav (I pray not)
    - Others

    My sexual experience:

    - First base. ONCE.

    And my crushes should know that I can love more than one woman at a time. Especially since they don't know who the hell I am.

  3. Omg V, I almost peed my pants when Brooke got named "The Whore of Charm School." And then when she was crying about it and saying that Monique shouldn't be a principal? I was screaming at the TV, "SHE'S NOT A REAL PRINCIPAL, YOU DOLT!!!"

  4. You forgot the GREATEST BROOKE LINE EVAR:

    "I am not the whore of Charm School. I just like my (bleep)s."

    So does the Sixth Fleet, honey.

    And no, you are not a whore if you give it away for free. And since you didn't win, you weren't really paid for your humping.

    You think they would want to clear up that distinction.

  5. "considerable sexual experience" whatever that is is a bad thing? lol

  6. um... right. If Flavor Flav was the ONLY one on her list, that'd be reason enough for me to stay away.

    Good points all around.


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