Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hottie in my Book: Alex The Odd

I TOLD you I would do it...

Whys: I fell for her when I read this post on her blog. I mean, she has a higher nerd score than me. She wears glasses, is British, and has tattoos. She is better at math than me. She hates having her picture taken by amateurs. She is going to dress up as Dark Phoenix for Halloween. Why she chose that character? Because Wonder Woman was ruined by a Katie Holmes rumor and Silk Spectre from Watchmen wasn't recognizable enough. The only way it could have been better is if she said she was going as Psylocke.

Wait a minute. She does have the accent, and last I read, her hair WAS purple...

*eyes widen*

I'll be in my bunk.

Why Nots: If she wasn't creeped out before, she probably is now that she read that bunk remark. Plus, there is that whole Pacific Ocean thing between us.

I hope this makes you feel a bit better, by the way.

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7 brain pickings:

  1. I thought it was an idle threat!

    Never before have I felt so good about the existence of a large body of water ;) If it helps I'm not more creeped out now, my creeped out limit was reached around the time of that Pajiba Love post.

  2. I don't make idle threats. Especially with my blog.

  3. Sweet. You do your stalking thing, and I'll get moving with Kat.


  4. Son of a bitch.

    *runs off after TK*

    I will kneecap you, dammit.

  5. Vermillion, buddy, to quote Gozer the Gozerian:

    "Choose. Choose and perish."

    Ya canna have them both.

  6. I have neither. And since Alex is quite freaked out at this point and on a different continent, I am sure she won't mind me moving on with a certain blue-eyed temptress.

  7. I guess what I meant was...

    ya canna stalk them both.


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