Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Guess what happened over the holidays?

Craig Ferguson got married! AGAIN!!!!!!

Here is the surprise announcement, as only Craig can do it:

Craig goes into a bit more detail after the title sequence:

One of the myriad things I love about Craig is how he welcomes his audience into his personal life, good and bad. He is near-brutal in his honesty (such as when he revealed that his mother passed in early December '08), and it just makes him even more awesome than he already is.

So it is not that surprising that he would wait until he was back on-air before he made his big announcement. Of course, the reveal was still funny as hell.

Congrats and best wishes to the lovely couple.

Also, if he is somehow reading: Craig, your wife is HOT. Way to go, dude!

P.S. Blame CBS for the Katy Perry stuff, not me.

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  1. I have no clue who Craig Ferguson is, but he's several kinds of awesome. Also, KATY PERRY MUST BURN! BUUUUUUUUURN! Sorry, needed that out of my system.


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