Thursday, March 06, 2008

General Update

Well, it has been some time since my mental breakdown, so I figured I would let you know how things are going:

- Receptacle 2.0 is on hold. I have a new layout template set (testing it out on my little-used RPG blog), but I am still working on the header. By the way, if anyone could find me a nice cartoony brain with glasses, that would be nice. I know there was this neat character form some Disney Afternoon show, but I cannot think of the title. It was set in space at a middle school/colony, the main character was green..?

- I talked with my "boss" (since he can't technically be part of the company), and he clarified some things. So now I am back on track. Oh, and I am going to quit. It dawned on me (as I was running back to my car because of the midterm paper I didn't know about) that in order for me to put in the time as requested for this job, I end up neglecting my classes. The "boss" assured me that, even though my dad was technically the CEO, I was no obligation to stay if I couldn't do the job. So next Friday will be my last day.

Now I just have to tell him and my father, and hope the latter doesn't throw me out into the streets. He has his quirks.

- That said, anyone got any ideas as to how I pay my bills? And sex is out of the question, although murder-for-hire might not be. Depends on what kind of alibi I can get set up.

- After the disappointing end to the BatG run, I found a new angle into stardom: this. Considering the overwhelming support for it in th poll I ran, I am putting my serial killer superteacher idea to paper and submitting it. Wish me luck!

- Seriously, I need a new cashflow, and I need in within a week. Anything?

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3 brain pickings:

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sell a kidney?

    And by the cute little brain thing do you mean the one in this (very teeny) picture

    It's from Lloyd In Space, I'm upset that I know that.

    Also it appears that I'm OCD enough to remove a comment that had more than three typos in it. I'm upset with that also.

  3. Shadows of DakaronMarch 7, 2008 at 11:16 AM

    It's good that you're should be a number one priority.

    As to the little mean something like in the Futurama episode about flying brains? I'm sure someone could shop some glasses on one of those.

    I suppose a fast-food job is out of the question? How bout charging to run sessions? Or you could do what my roommate IT support for friends and family. Seriously...he needs to get a job by now...

    Hang in there, man. We're rooting for you. Good luck, sorry I couldn't be more help.


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