Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And you thought "CIA invented AIDS" was a crazy conspiracy theory

He's back, folks. The "honorable" Rev. Manning, last seen being such an ass that Sean Hannity had to call him out on it, has released another video. It is chock full of his latest and greatest, this time focusing on the conspiracy between Obama, Rev. Wright, and Oprah.

I can't even begin to summarize the insanity the man spouts.

What I find both sad and in a ways fortunate is that while everybody jumped on Obama for Wright's grandstanding nonsense, nobody bothered to say anything about this jackass. Well, except for Fox News, and even they couldn't stomach him. I don't know if he is genius or certifiable, but I do know this: he actually makes me regret the Internet. He is now able to find an audience outside his church, and if not anything else, the internet does have the tendency to draw closed-minded losers to the fore.

This will be the last tiem I am ever going to talk about him. He doesn't deserve the attention. Even if he got hit by a meteor, I wouldn't speak his name again to curse him.

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