Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hotties in my Book: Paulina Porizkova

You know what I haven't done in a while? Well, if you have read the title, you already know the answer. Yeah, I know the question was kinda pointless NOW. You know what? Shut up.

Anyway, I present Paulina Porizkova: wife, mother, author (A Model Summer), former supermodel, and proof that God not only exists, but also manages to still pop out a masterpiece or two.

Whys: She is just awesome. I submit Exhibit A: The Stephen Colbert interview, which includes her declaration of Stephen's hotness.

She does indeed watch Colbert, as proved by her referencing a joke he made in the episode previous where he was supposedly calling Paulina, only to chicken out and pretend to be Stephen Hawking. How sexy is that? The answer is very.

Not enough? Then here is Exhibit B: Her more recent Craig Ferguson interview.

As evidenced by the videos, not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she is also quite witty and quicker on the ball than your average model, regardless of regular, super, or next top flavoring. She transitioned from famous Czech authors to Star Trek (Scotty wasn't Scottish?!?!?!!) to American citizenship tests and was cracking jokes all the while.

Plus she is way hotter at whatever age she is than most of these so-called beauties under 30. Hell, seeing that Cars video, she is definitely one of the few women who actually become hotter as they get older. Obviously, most of the people watching her season of Dancing with the Stars were blind and/or stupid.

Why Nots:
Well, not only is she married, but she has quite a fan club, least of which features Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson, two of my personal late-night heroes. While I do admire their fine taste, I do not wish to risk my admiration of them for some sort of cage match for Paulina's hand. Besides, if the clip is any indication, Stephen has a leg up.

This is all moot, of course, because Ric Ocasek looks like he might cut a motherfucker or two, and maybe has done so.

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  1. Shadows of DakaronMay 30, 2008 at 1:00 AM

    I've seen her before, and she is quite witty and dorky and adorable...but I just can't think she's hot. Her features are too sharp for me.

    Still, a decent choice.


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