Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trivia Thursday - Night Court Edition

1) Probably the best question to start off with: What is Dan Fielding's full name, and who was the behind-the-scenes inspiration for it?

2) Who are the only actors to have been on the show through the entire run of the show?

3) True or False: The origin of Harry Stone's appointment as judge was based on a real life event.

4) What unique distinction does Night Court have due to its male cast?

5) Used as a punchline in one episode, what was Stone's most frequent sentencing, usually for prostitution cases?

6) What is the officially mentioned record for number of cases processed by the court in one shift? (hint: the shift ends at midnight)

7) True or False: Harry Stone was created specifically for Harry Anderson.

8) Despite their best attempts at making him a geek, Harry Stone had several love interests during the course of the series. Besides Christine Sullivan, name at least two.

9) What is Bull's real name? Bonus points if you can tell the story behind it.

10) What is Bull's IQ?

11) John Larroquette was attached to a famous film which was once referenced in an episode. What was the film and what was his role?

12) How many Emmy nominations did John Larroquette receive for his role as Dan Fielding, and why didn't he ever get nominated again?

2 brain pickings:

  1. Came here from Pajiba and I do love Night Court as much as you. I still try to watch it on TVLAND. anywho:
    1. Reinhold Daniel Fielding. Named for Reinhold weege creator of the show
    2. Harry Anderson and John Laroquette(?)
    3. True i think
    4. all over 6 ft(reallly tall. no wonder the women looked tiny)
    5. 50 dollars and time served
    6. 200(thanks for the answer)
    7. false
    8. billie and some other chick the clerk...
    10. 181(yeah he was an idiot savant)
    11. either madhouse or texas chainsaw
    12. 4 times and he asked not to be nominated

  2. 2) Besides Harry Anderson and John Larroquette, wasn't Richard Moll there all the way as well?

    8) Well, there was that rock star he was linked to. (Unfortunately the BBC only showed the first season and CBC in Barbados hadn't finished showing the series by the time I got back here, so I can't go any further.) Was he involved with the foxy Lana (Karen Austin, from the first season only)?


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