Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hotties in my Book: Markie Post

Okay, true Nigth Court fans know that the show has had its share of hot women, quite a few were part of the main cast. But only one truly comes out on top. She managed to steal the hearts of millions of men with her near-precoccious innocence and naivete, and grew into a fully developed (fight the boob joke) character over the course of the show.

That woman was Christine Sullivan, brought to mind-boggling 3-D hotness by Markie Post (The Fall Guy).

True she was a bit Mickey Mouse Club most of the time, and that whole Anglophilia thing she had coing with Charles and Diana (looking back, she probably crawled up into a hole and never came out after all that mess), but you cannot argue with the rest of the package, so to speak. Besides any woman who can get Dan to actually want to change from a wanton sex god into a companion has to have some magic working for her.

Her defining moment of absolute hotness: In an effort to save an orphanage, Christine decides to flash one very lucky man. In doing so, she shows that her are worth considerably more than most women spend on imitations:

Seriously, her chest is worth at least $150,000 PER BOOB. I'd say that is a freaking bargain.

Because Christine was a bit of a prude, she never really displayed the rampant hotness that was under those dowdy clothes except for an occassional gag. Luckily for us, Markie Post herself did not have that problem. So, please to enjoy this little collection of pics. And just to show that her hotness hasn't cooled, I throw in a clip of her as Eliot's mom on Scrubs.

Tangent: On Scrubs, Eliot has been shown to have some pretty out there sexual kinks, and yet is unable to curse or even mention certain body parts. Almost like a certain DA and a certain defense attorney that hooked up at the end of a certain series? I mean, the years don't really match up, and one could argue it is mostly her mother's influence, but I just find it interesting the confluence of disparate elements here.

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