Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paragon of Greatness: Dan Fielding

   From TV Squad, who dared to bill him as a 'sidekick':

Okay, you can call this one grand theft acting. As D.A. Dan Fielding, comic twit and sleazy attorney, John Larroquette stole this show from Harry Anderson and every other performer in the cast. It wasn't just that the character was well-written and got the best jokes, it was Larroquette's over the top interpretation. He really made you despise lawyers -- more than you already had.

    But despite his best efforts, he still managed to show that deep down, he was a class act. A man of true integrity and honor, and a person who would never betray a friend's trust, no matter how much he wanted to get into their panties. In a classic episode, Dan saves Christine's life and requests that she sleep with him in gratitude.

    But despite his best efforts (and the finest bottle of Chateau Libido the hotel could find), he could not bring himself to violate her trust in that way. In another episode, he risks his life to save Roz Russell, who was delirious from insulin shock (funnily enough, he didn't ask to knock boots with her afterwards).

The criminally few clips that I can find showing how awesome the man is:

I swear, I may have to start my own Dan Fielding YouTube Channel, if it were legal.

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