Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's rundown

- Heard Obama's speech today about his ex-pastor's comments. I never really heard him speak outside of sound bites on news shows. I totally get all the hoopla now.

I...I think I want to have his baby. I think. I have to mull over it some more.

- In other news. seeing as how I have to do a persuasive presentation for Prof. Communtications class (and seeing as how I want to as little actual work as possible so I can focus on writing my soon-to-be award-winning screenplay), I decided to do it on why agnosticism is a good choice. I feel it is controversial enough to seem like I put effort into it, and then I can simply copy the bulk of the speech onto the Receptacle for your consumption. Of course, I have to get it approved tomorrow, so cross your fingers.

- Got a clearer idea of what the hell my job is now. Even clearer still: I hate it and want to do something else.

- Addendum to my last Tyra post: I saw that she interviewed Ray J about that damn sex tape, and the show got more uncomfortable from there. Then there was that "meat modeling" debacle. Even more evidence, I say. If Chris Hanson wants to show me he is doing the world some good, he needs to take down Tyra. I am telling you: when it gets out that she has a sex dungeon where all those Top Model rejects and Tyra Show "special correspondents" disappeared to, don't act surprised. Just say "Vermy told us so."

- TV Land is feeding a very dangerous habit of daily "Night Court" episodes. I declare: disdain for this show will be a capital offense in my new kingdom, punishiable by death. In other words, expect a blog post about it.

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  1. You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that a young whippersnapper like you enjoys Night Court. I was raised on that show.


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