Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today's rundown

- Great news: you know how yesterday I said I had this p[presentation to do and I was going to do it on agnosticism? Well that has changed. What happened was I came up with three topics, just in case one was too controversial or difficult. One topic immediately drew my teacher's attnetion and she said she could not wait for me to do it.

The topic: To persuade the audience to stop supporting Tyler Perry films as a representation of African-American culture and as having artistic merit (more or less).

That's right. I get to rant for five minutes (max!) about how much Tyler Perry sucks. Now, my teacher could have chosen it because she wants to see what I could do with such a topic, but I think she can't stand him either and really wants to hear someone speak up about it. Plus, it is a great departure from the old standbys like drunk driving or war or all that depressing shit. I am still going to post the completed work on the Receptacle, so don't warry. It will even include a matching PowerPoint presentation!

- Still hate my job. I know, everyone does, but it is still nice to express.

- Came up with another script idea. Well I had it for a while, but now I have a new twist for it, something to make t a bit more unique. Let's say I was inspired by I Am Legend, mostly TK's bitching about the ending. I am hoping to start work on all three (!) script ideas simultaneously by Friday. By the way, anybody interested in proofreading? I mean, once I get a draft done, I need to have some feedback, and I trust you guys more than most. Also, I need to HEAR it as well, so I hope some of you are up for the task.

- Also this weekend, I will be stockpiling posts to be slowly released over the coming days. They will be on top of these semi-daily posts, since I am starting to like them. I am also taking requests. What would you like to see me address?

Well that is about it. Check back with you tomorrow!

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5 brain pickings:

  1. I will most happily proofread/edit your screenplays, boss. You've got the email address, so kick it over to me whenever you feel the need.

    I'm down with the Scriptfrenzy thing also. I'll see you in April.

  2. Wow, sounds like you have some people waiting in the wings, but I am an editor and -- although my comments might not reflect it -- a decent proofreader.

    You know, more eyes are better than, well, whatever.

  3. I meant to leave this comment yesterday.

    Tyra appears in an episode of Sesame Street. She is naturally in full Ty-Crazy Mode. I feel the need to shield my child's eyes, and he just doesn't understand why.

    I am anxious to hear about your Tyler Perry presentation. His stuff has always reeked of Steppin Fetchit and hustling on the Chittlin Circuit.

  4. I'd be happy to help out if you need it.

  5. Tyler Perry's stuff tends to go straight to DVD over here. Then again, so does most black-oriented stuff for good or ill...


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