Monday, February 11, 2008

Warning: Construction Ahead

In case you did not notice, I was offline the entire weekend. Between getting my new DUAL-CORE setup (which caused me to wipe my main partition and had to reinstall just about everything), testing out some new blog tricks, and finally completing all the sidequests in Mass Effect (including letting my character get his groove on), I have been quite busy.

Note not once in the above paragraph have I referring to school, homework, or anything of any serious consequence. That is just how I roll.

So keep your eyes out, folks. I have a little V-Day surprise for a special someone, and soon I will unveil Receptacle 2.0 to the starving masses.

Til then.

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2 brain pickings:

  1. Oh Verm, you shouldn't have. The ball gag and assless chaps from last year have yet to be broken in. Let's take it slow.

  2. Damnit Manny! That was a mental image I just didn't need (as obviously in my head you are a midget wrestler - probably best not to ask).

    I'm excited about seeing the Receptacle 2.0.

    Also: If you're planning on hunting down Kat and seranading her you should probably be aware that there are laws against that kind of thing...


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