Friday, February 01, 2008

So Long, Farewell, Auf weidershein (?), Goodbye

I bought Mass Effect.

My free time is now gone.

It was nice knowing you all.

TK, you are still a big, fat jerk.

Alex, I will always "irrationally obsess over your posts and tattoo pictures while saying it is love" you.

Girl with Curious Hair, thanks for giving me my first and now only chat post.

Everyone else, it has been fun.

10 brain pickings:

  1. Aw, man, why you gotta be like that? I thought we-



    Verrr.... milll.... ion....


    (is it better than Uncharted: Drakes Fortune? 'Cuz that game is the absolute balls)

  2. You know, as I drove to work this morning, I thought of our first chat. And how you never talked to me or commented on my blog since. I'm not taking it personally or anything--just wondering, WHY DO YOU HATE ME?

    Also, what the heck is Mass Effect? Is it related to a Physics project?

  3. Curious:Hey, hey, hey.

    I commented on your blog. The Planned Parenthood post. Go and see. I'll wait.

    *Muzak plays*

    There. See? We are still good. Just to make you feel better, I am going to go post again.

    Also, I never see you online to chat, at least not here. And Facebook....well, let's say there are certain folks that force me to keep a low profile on there.

    As far as Mass Effect, I wish it had something to do with school. It is a cruel time suck masquerading as a video game. The bastards at Bioware already had my utter devotion thanks to their Star Wars RPG, but this...this is so...wrong. You truly have the fate of the universe in your hands, and can choose who to save and who to ignore. It is like sci-fi geek porn, on top of that there is actual porn (okay, not really..)!

    I did a post about a little controversy the game had, under "Jackassery of the Highest Degree". And...wait a sec. Driving TO work? That means you are doing this on the clock? Get back to your job, young lady! like you want to be punched in the neck.

    I am more than willing to oblige.

    (I cannot say, because I have not played Uncharted, seeing as how I am broke and do not wish to sell my body in exchange for a PS3 unlike you. But I do know it has an excellent storyline, no annoying characters yet, some crazy enemies.)

    (You are a whore.)

  4. That hurts, V.

    No kidney sales were necessary for my PS3 - just a wife who was feeling generous around Christmastime. And believe me, now that I'm completely obsessed with it, she is likely regretting that generosity. Now I'm just waiting for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - seriously, HOW fucking cool does that look?!

  5. Aww, goodbye for the near futre V, you have been my favourite obsessional internet stalker. Enjoy your descent into video-game mediated madness. I haven't played anything in ages, I think my PS2 is actually giving me accusing looks and keeping a record of my negligence.

    I hope it doesn't file for emancipation, that would make me sad.

  6. But whooooooo am I going to taunt mercilessly with my undead pleadings for a taste of Georgia peach flesh.(You do know I was bit by a squirrel last weekend.)


    And in other news, the totally non-gamer Amos Clan bought a PS3. So we can watch Blu-Ray discs on our brand spanking new TV. Still don't have The Cable though.

    Am I cool now?

  7. Okay, I think I can talk now. The 360 isn't listening.

    TK: Indeed, quite cool. If wanting to snap the backs of Stormtroopers and crash Star Detroyers into planets is wrong, I do not want to be right.

    Alex: Don't worry. Once this illicit affair is done, I will return to creep you out even more. Although, now I am picturing you playing Mass Effect, and it is quite interesting. Mmmmm....that's right....snipe that armored bastard...oh, yeah....

    manda: No, you are not. Buying a PS3 but not playing games is like.... I mean, sure it is nice and all and functions well, but are you really getting your money's worth? I am sure once your child figures out what it is REALLY for, he will show his displeasure.

    "Wait, this thing does WHAT? And you only used it for movies? What the hell?!?!?!!"

  8. Hey Vermy, how'd that armor glitch thing work out for you? And for the love of all that is good, please don't ever persue a relationship with Carth, er, Kaidan. Ash too for that matter, the blue alien love is where it's at. ;)

  9. It's auf wiedersehen. 3 semesters of German in college.

    And I'm only now beginning to understand the whole zombie thing...

  10. Consider the gauntlet thrown, V. I just got on the 360 bandwagon this weekend. I spent Sunday building my rock cred on Rock Band, and I will be fragging 10 year olds online on Halo 3 tonight and all day tomorrow (day off).


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