Thursday, February 07, 2008

Craig Ferguson is a U.S. Citizen!

With all the late night show attention on the Conan/Colbert feud (and rightfully so), I wanted to make sure another favorite of mine didn't slip through the cracks. Craig Ferguson has had his own epic tale: the quest for citizenship in the United States. This quest culminated on last Friday, when he went to San Bernadino to be sworn in. Luckily for us, he took a camera crew along.

Damn, that was moving. Oh, and not only did he get his citizenship on Friday, but Saturday he flew a plane solo for the first time. Congrats, you crazy bastard!

I like how they included other newly minted citizens as well. Being born here, it kinda gets taken for granted. It is easy to forget that there are folks willing to wait in a fairground for hours (not even on the rides!) and jump through incessant hoops to get the very rights you have from birth. It really warmed my heart when I saw that smile creep across Craig's face.

And just to show his now expatriate Scottish friends that he didn't forget who he was and where he came from, he put on a little show with the Wicked Tinkers. Actually this clip is from the closeout; before the commercial break he played another piece with that sentiment.

Just pure awesome.

Thought: How much does it suck to be Craig Kilborn? I mean, you leave TDS, only for some obscure comedian whose biggest credit is a pot movie to take over and turn it into a television juggernaut. With a spinoff! And then you get your own network show, only to leave that one and then some ex-alcoholic Scot (talk about an oxymoron) from an ABC sitcom trumps you again! And he has your NAME! Doesn't it just make your chest hurt?

2 brain pickings:

  1. HillRod ruined it for me.

    Seriously, though, I think it's wonderful that so many people still want to be a part of what we've got going on here in America. Yeah, things are shitty right now, but the very fact that there are thousands of people who want to be Americans being sworn in on this particular day shows me that there's still hope. Am I making sense?

  2. Totally. And yes, Hillary really did suck all the emotion out of it, didn't she?

    Hoenstly, I think any public figure who even thinks about ranting about immigration needs to attend one of these. Hell, they need to attend period. And not as some publicity stunt; just to sit there and see it. To see the kind of hope and eagerness these folks have. They need to see the kind of folks who still beleive in the concept of America: a place where, regardless of who you are or where you came from, you can always get a new start on life.


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