Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend Post: Highlander video game

First Ghostbusters. Now this:

Highlander is a third person action adventure set in the Highlander universe – control an Immortal embroiled in a battle against rival Immortals in an adventure spanning over 2000 years.

Explore and battle your way through epic historical locations. (NY, Pompeii, Japan and the Highlands). Featuring familiar characters from the Highlander series, stunning sword combat, epic battles and high adventure in lush, historical locations.

Here are some of the interesting parts:

- It is a brand new MacLeod, one who was adopted into the clan and is 1000 years older than both Connor and Duncan.

- Story is courtesy of David Abramowitz, writer of the original TV show.

- You gain special abilities through Quickenings (Immortals act as bosses)

- In place of a health bar, there is a fatigue meter. Basically, the meter goes down every time you get hit. If it gets to the bottom, your character collapses from exhaustion, leaving you open for the standard Immortal death by decapitation. The other neat aspect of this is that you can intentionally do damage to yourself to get at enemies, such as impaling yourself on their weapon to disarm or injure them.

Teaser Trailer:

Say it with me now: Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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