Wednesday, November 07, 2007

That Damn Fun Facts Thing

I am sure you are familiar with the "7 fun facts" gag that is spreading across my compatriots' blogs. Now that LitelySalted has done it on her ghost town of a blog, I guess I can't resist anymore. Here we go:

1) I have Attention Deficit Disorder, Inattentive Type. I cannot focus for too long, and only took meds for it once in middle school, before my mom freaked and took me off them. I have now slipped into an "either-or" kind of life. So I am creative as hell, but I can't finish a damn thing. Or I can find ways to complete or improve someone else's work, but I cannot come up with my own. I am weird. This little affliction leads into the next fact.

2) This is my eighth year of college. That is right. I came in Fall of 2000, and haven't gotten my degree yet. One way or another, I am not going to be in this school another year.

3) I think I may have what some call "love shyness." It is what Carell's character from 40YOV may have suffered from. It could be shortly described as an intense fear of relations with a target of affection, sexual or not. Which explains why I can be so dashing and bold behind a keyboard, sweet and lovely Alex The Odd.

4) I wrote a sex story for a girl in high school and got caught. She was crazy hot, and I wanted to impress her. She asked me to write it. I did. It was quite steamy and involved a couple of her friends, I admit. She got caught bragging about it to some other girls (at least, I hope she was bragging) and the teacher confiscated it. Luckily, I was cool with said teacher, so she gave me a warning and ripped it up. It was one of myriad ways I...

5) I scared the holy shit out the staff at my Christian private high school. Yep, said sex story was written at Green Pastures Christian School. I also wrote a supposedly "too violent" werewolf story (there was no overt violence, just blackouts followed by scenes of blood and gore), had a picture of an anime character on my folder (Tekkaman Blade) that was deemed Satanic, and unintentionally insulted a teacher (above 'cool' teacher, actually) by insinuating that her difficult assignments were due to her "time of the month." Oh, and my tendency to look longingly over the second story balcony of the gym, as if I wanted the quick way down. I freaked those God-lovers out good. Ironically, not only did I stay valedictorian after all that, but I was probably the most trusted kid there, especially since more of the other students were blatant crooks kicked out of public school and were too busy fingering each other in the stairwells to do anything useful.

6) I still write erotica, by the way. Celebrity and fictional character based erotica. Basically fanfiction with a lot more sex in it. Cheaper and more creative than actual porn. It is about the only publicly available work I have done, aside from this and my other blog gigs. Don't worry, it is quite tasteful, and I don't Mary Sue or anything. And no, I won't give you the link. At least, not here.

And now, if you are still reading and not calling the Feds on me, the last "fun fact" about me:

7) I am a Dog. On the Oriental Zodiac, sillies. I find it to be a bit more accurate than the Western versions. Check yours out here.

Bonus Fact: My birthday is Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7th. Just in case you wanted to know. You can get quite a few gift cards online these days. Just saying.

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