Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Latest Film Review

I have done it again. Check out my review of This Christmas on Pajiba.

Stuff I didn't get to include in the review:
1. Thanks Mom and Sonya. You really made it a lot more enjoyable.
2. Regina King + Lingerie = YAY. (Non-negotiable) Regina King + Sharon Leal + Catfight+ Rain = DOUBLE YAY. (also non-negotiable)
3. I hate remakes of classic songs by singers that weren't even born when it came out. It sounds less honest. Chris Brown, you have a nice voice, but stay away from the Hathaway and Stevie Wonder, or I may have to hurt you.
4. My mother asked me if I was secretly hiding a white woman from her. Having her live in Britain and not really acknowledging our relationship doesn't count as 'hiding', right?
5. It is really weird how much the movie paralleled my own life. I think I just got plagiarized. I mean, I can think of several examples off the top of my head:
- A character named Claude
- A character from Morehouse (albeit one who still believes in the missions statement)
- A character who is a professional student aka hasn't graduated after 7 years (in my case 8).
- A brother in the military
- An older sister who reminds the youngest who raised who
- A standoffish eldest brother
and so on.

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