Thursday, November 22, 2007

Almost forgot....

...this week's BATG Commentary! Considering it is Thanksgiving and I got food to eat, I am gonna try to keep this short.

First off, congrats to Dave and Jasmine for winning their first joint challenge! I know Jasmine was feeling about about last week, so this had to raise her spirits some. And it was a treat to see their initial meeting again. It really showed how much they progressed, Dave a bit more than Jasmine.

Their reaction to their first meeting was quite funny, especially Dave's cringing. It was all the more hilarious seeing Jasmine with that tiara on, sounding like she picked last for kickball. "I was last?" If Shay and Joshua were the old married couple, then Dave and Jasmine were the big brother/little (hot) sister. And Jasmine did get a little dig in on Dave, saying that he probably doesn't have a girlfriend because he doesn't know how to lie. Seeing her counsel Dave on approaching Nicole was sweet as well. I hope they still find time to foam sword-fight with each other. As far as his crush on Nicole: DO IT, YOU FOOL!

I am just glad Sam stopped being a little bitch about losing. It is interesting though, a number of the beauty challenges had little to do with actual academic or 'geeky' pursuits, and the ones Sam won were mostly ones where he dominated by sheer force of personality. I am not saying he didn't study hard, but certain aspect of certain challenges seemed geared towards him to win. The challenge last week was a prime example, and this week's would have been similar, if not for the fact that Dave did the smart move and packed his bag to capacity instead of trying to 'feel' the weight. But it is nice to see he did learn something, I suppose.

Oy, Will and Jen. That was awkward, having them relive the beginning of their tumultuous relationship. As far as the muscle/fat argument, it does show their problem. She is actually right: muscle cells are denser, and therefore weigh more, than fat cells. Considering she is a fitness trainer and model, she would have a bit more experience with this than he would think. They were basically saying the same thing, but he automatically thinks she is wrong. The Cabernet thing was another example. He repeatedly pronounced it "ca-ber-net", when Jen and I think someone else said it was pronounced "ca-bur-nay". Despite his admitting he didn't even like wine, he was dead set on saying it his way. The superhero challenge was another: he was automatically dead set against her idea, even though it was supposed to be HER CHOICE and hypnotic boobs are a scientific fact. He never gave a crap about her opinion, even when it would come in handy the most.

But it is messed up that they finally got along only to get eliminated. I mean, he actually admitted he screwed up. That took some guts right there.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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