Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trivia Thursday

Once again, it's time to feel dumb! It's Trivia Thursday!

Here we go!

1) What is a tittle? (And no childish answers, TK)

Answer: The dot on an lowercase "i".

2) What word in the English language has the most definitions?

Answer: The word "set".

3) The infamous end of the world in Hinduism, it translates into English as the "Iron Age". What is it?

Answer: The Kali Yuga.

4) He was the first African-American heavyweight boxing champion of the world, known as much for having to chase white opponents around the ring as he was for chasing hard liquour, fast cars, and white women. Who is he?

Answer: Jack Johnson.

5) Which Second Lady of the U.S. wrote a quite scandalous book about lesbians in the Old West? Hint: I already told you about it on this blog.

Answer: Lynne Cheney.

Bonus: Let's see if you have been paying attention. What school do I go to?

Answer: The maroon and white itself, Morehouse College.

5 brain pickings:

  1. Hey! I resent that.

    I actually know some of these.

    1. the dot over the letter "i".

    2. Set

    3. No idea

    4. JACK MOTHERFUCKIN' JOHNSON! aka The Galveston Giant. (Incidentally, Mos Def's house band on the album "The New Danger" is called Black Jack Johnson in honor of him. The band also features Dr. Know from the great punck band Bad Brains. Yes, this is a series of random trivia that serves no purpose. Also, James Earl Jones played him in an old biopic. Jack Johnson is a historical fave of mine.)

    5. Eleanor Roosevelt?

    6. The School of Hard Knocks

  2. Are there any prizes for getting all of them right? Because I'm definitely not going to win it.

    1. Tattle spelled incorrectly?
    2. "Is"
    3. When everyone finally gets their act together and wears fresh pressed clothing?
    4. I agree with Jack Johnson--but only because it sounds 'facty'. Ali is my favorite, because he's the greatest.
    5. Bride of Vader, aka Lynn Cheney.
    6. Aren't you too cool for school?

  3. I can't believe I misspelled "punk". Stupid giant hands!

  4. The maroon and white itself, Morehouse College.

    Because I'm blind as a bat without my glasses and I haven't slept much, I read the above "you're a moron and white it's, Morehouse College." And frankly, that really hurt my feelings.

    I have my glasses and coffee now.

  5. Aaaaand I am batting .500!! WAHOO!!


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