Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Look out, haters! I am on Quiz Law now, bitches! (QuizLaw)

Stephen Colbert is running for president! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Indecision 2008)

Our Beloved Kat and Bertrand sing you to sleep. (Kat Dennings Blog)

Penny Arcade shows us what you want to know before buying a lair. (Penny Arcade) And here are the first few pages of their Assassin's Creed comic, to be included in the Collector's Edition of the game. (Ubisoft)

Just like me, Drew Carey also had a memorable first day at his new gig. (College Humor by way of Egotastic)

Below: The sequel to one of the greatest aviation movies ever, courtesy of the newly returned Boondocks (review coming soon!)

1 brain pickings:

  1. Congratulations! Just don't suddenly disappear when you get busy with 'real' life. 'Cause then we'll just have to come and remind you to entertain us.

    And thank God for Stephen Colbert. Finally a candidate I can vote for who isn't the lesser of two evils!


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