Monday, October 22, 2007

Yep, I took the plunge

Check out my first foray into paid critic work.

My review of The Comebacks at Pajiba.

5 brain pickings:

  1. I saw the title and thought you had eloped with a certain bespeckled Brit. I almost congratulated you!

    Well, I do congratulate you for a review well written on one of my favorite sites. You're officially taking over the world.

    Now I must return to my regularly scheduled panic attack.

  2. If I was to ever become engaged to that certain person, you will see it everywhere. I will get that burned into the surface of the moon, Chairface Chippendale style.

    And what in the world are you panicking for?

  3. San Diego is having a fire situation. Our place is not far from couple of the fires--I wrote about it on my blog. As the day goes on, it still isn't under control AT ALL and if we are evacuated, we have no where to go (all the centers seem to be full).

    Unfortunately, I am finding I'm not the most graceful person under fire...

  4. You are going to be fine. Plain and simple.

    I am taking over the world remember? I need to start my Cabinet of Infinite Dominion with somebody, and TK would probably stab me in the back.

  5. I started reading the review and thought I recognised the writing style (me not paying attention to who writes the damned things and all), hurrah for world domination!

    Now I may actually have to become a fawning fangirl. I'm off to finish reading the review, comments will of course be left.

    Congrats sweetness!


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