Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm In Hiding...

I made the HUUUGE mistake of telling some girls I would participate in their Homecoming Court if no one else came forward. Not they are roving the streets, looking for me. I had to hobble some twelve-year-old who got in the way of my goddamn escape vector. So now I am lying low, not answering my cell, hoping they don't reach me.

What do you think would be the better excuse: illness, injury, family event, or miscellaneous? I know none of you will tell me to be upfront with them, because half of you are pure evil and the other half don't care.

Disclaimer: The events in this post may not me completely verifiable. Or believable. Or sane.

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2 brain pickings:

  1. I vote for the "death in the family" angle myself. That whole "karmic payback" thing only happens, like, half the time so in theory you should be fine... yeah.

    And what in the hol hell possessed you to say you'd be part of prom court. Prom court? Seriously?

  2. For one, it is homecoming court. Two quite different things, neither of which I really care about.

    Second, I only said this because (a)it was originally only an idea to be presented to our Japan Club, and I thought it would be voted down (there is still hope) and (b) A friend of mine insisted I do so in order to get over my insecurities and meet someone, since cute British chicks with glasses are in short supply over here. Although, now that I think about it, he could have been setting me up.


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