Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wackiest Weekend Ever

Okay, this had to have been the craziest weekend I have ever had.

You know that Career Fair I went to Friday? Well it just so happens that it took place a floor below the 14th Annual International GI Joe Collectors Convention (their first year in Atlanta). They were throwing Joes with parachutes from the upper floors to kick it off. I was so pissed that I had to go and do some stupid gladhanding, and I was too wiped to try and attend afterwards, so I was going to go back Saturday.

Except I forgot two really big things. The first was that I had promised to play shuttle for my friends so they could go to JapanFest, an obviously Japanese themed exhibition and festival. The second was that Saturday was also my grand-niece's first birthday. I was duly reminded of the latter when my mother called to ask me to bring my camera. So Saturday was spent pretty much going back a forth between Gwinnett (the location of the JapanFest), the AUC (where my friends live on campus), and the park near my mother's house (where the party was being held). I managed to get my niece a gift at the fest, and later managed to get some cake and ice cream.

Sunday, I decided to try and catch the last leg of JoeCon. Only, instead of parking at the MARTA (Atlanta's public transportation service) station nearest me with free all-day parking, I decided I would park downtown, which was slightly closer, but meant I had to pay. I didn't have exact change, so I went into the nearby Greyhound station to break a bill, and when I came back out, there was a boot on my car. Less than five minutes had passed between going into the station and coming back out, and I was already out 56 bucks (50 for the boot, 6 for the parking). Once I got that taken care of (luckily the parking enforcer was only a block away, so I didn't have to wait long), I hopped on the train and went to the con.

It was pretty fun. I am less a collector and more of a "buy as many as possible that I can feel comfortable taking out of the box and losing them around my house like days of yore" kind of buyer. They had just about anything you would need to do whatever you wanted with Joe figures and similar toys. There were even guys who make custom weapons and clothing for the 3 3/4" figures! They even had Larry Hama and Rowdy Roddy Piper there, where he was releasing the latest 12" figure based on him. Didn't get an autograph, but he seemed like a cool guy.

Well, here are all the pictures from this weekend, minus the JapanFest stuff (left the camera in the car), and the birthday pics (editied down for brevity). I am going to hibernate for a while, because mere sleep isn't going to be enough to recover.

Oh, and I got some doughnuts too.

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