Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wish me luck...

I am going to the AUC Career Fair tomorrow to try and get a J-O-B. I mean, e-stalking and ramblings about manga Jesus and Lesbian Rapist Tyra aside, I needs me the moolah.

So, while I try to find something remotely businesslike in my wardrobe that isn't wrinkled and try to make myself smell like desperation mixed with naivety, enjoy these links as well as this video from one of my favorite games.

Oh, and seriously, wish me luck. I am going to need it.

I liked it for the other twelve, but when they got to Nick Cannon, I knew I was in love. (The A.V. Club)

Lily Allen is apparently single now. Between her, Jenna Fischer, and Hayden Panettiere, those voodoo dolls are really working! (Glitterati)

Heather Graham is 100% WIN. (CityRag)

Reason #3043 Why Laura Swisher Rules: Check out her Emmy red carpet interviews for (Swisher's Untitled Blog Project)

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5 brain pickings:

  1. Much luck, lovely. But I'll warn you: once you enter the working world you'll be begging and pleading to go back to the poverty stricken land of the unemployed. Trust me.

  2. Trust me, I already am.

    But then a little voice in my head says "Son, you need yo get a job, because your mother and I are not about to use our rapidly dwindling Social Security benefits to pay off all these loans, you little #$#@!!@". Then I realize I was just listening to my answering machine.

  3. This is perfect because I have really been looking for a way to contact you and ask if you're employed. There is a position in our Norcross office available for someone with a CS background. If you're interested, email me at

    I can't say much great things about the company/facility, but our manager is cool, and you'd get to talk to me on the phone at least twice a week. Oh. Well, the manager is cool.

    Oh yeah, and good luck.

  4. That would be great! Right now, I can use any hookup I can get. And as long as I am not a code-monkey, it is already 50% more appealing!

    By the way, I discovered that there is a GI Joe convention going on in the same building, all weekend long.

    Am I going, you ask?

    Consider who you are talking to, I answer.

    See you Monday, hopefully with several 3 3/4" compatriots.

  5. Ok--sorry I didn't put your mind at ease sooner. I'm pretty sure there is minimal coding involved, especially in our line of work. The Cool Manager is here in SD this week and I mentioned I may know someone who'd be interested--which made her happy.

    I'm glad you have survived the over-scheduled weekend. Your niece is adorable!

    Now send me your resume!


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