Friday, September 14, 2007

Combination Links/Trivia! Run in Terror!

You thought you were going to make it another week without suffering the brain-numbing effects of my Trivia Thursday, huh? Thought all you had to do was wait until I got to the weekend and you would be free for another seven days, eh?

You thought wrong.

As a reward for your lack of commenting (I thought we discussed my irrational need for validation and attention, people!) and as a way to work off the pent=up aggression that developed during my "swollen eye" period this week. By the way, I had a swollen eye that practically blinded me for most of the week, which explains the lack of daily posting. But apparently nobody wondered where I was. I blame LitelySalted. She has spoiled you with her long absences. Don't allow yourself to be bored, or worse, be driven to actually work during the day! Demand daily service! Demand waste of time! DEMAND BLOGGING!

Anyway, let us begin the torture!

1) What did Swedish scientist Carolus Linnaeus develop in the 18th century?

2) Besides a slang word for brain, what is an actual noggin?

3) What is the actual name of the so-called 'growth hormone'?

4) True or False: a gourmet can be considered an epicure.

5) In what well known book does one find the Witch of Endor?

6) What is the opposite of a monist?

7) From a mountain peak in the country, you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. What is it?

8) What famous holiday was created when the Gregorian calendar was adopted? And where did it originate?

9) Historically (as in not from any fantasy series), from where does a sorcerer's wand derive its power?

10) And just so I won't be too hard on you: What is an aglet?

Here are some links to rest your weary mind with:

As a computer science major and as one of the few who really hated these types of plotholes, this warmed my cold heart. (Cracked)

Adding insult to eye-based injury, I found out I probably missed Pierre Bernard at Dragon*Con by thismuch. I was actually there at the line, directing folks. I could have met his Rageship! (I Want To Eat A Nut Of Laerma!)

Anyone who honestly thought that the second she turned legal, she wouldn't realize she should trade up from the MTV pud, step forward to get your senses slapped back into you (Fatback & Collards)

More of possibly the only woman who might (MIGHT, dammit) convince me to leave Our Beloved Kat to TK's evil clutches, even though he IS married, and should stop trying to hog in on my crush action... (Popoholic)

Oh come on! Leave the girl alone! Or at least give me time to recover! I have fluids that need replenishing. (Celebitchy)

Whenever I hear a story like this, it is like God just goes all Tony Jaa on my lower horn. (HollywoodRag)

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6 brain pickings:

  1. See, I didn't know about your irrational desire for validation - now I feel bad for not commenting enough. Not that bad though.

    Here are the answers I know:

    1) Taxonomic classification. The whole "Family, Genus, Species" malarky

    3) STH... which stands for ermm... nope, no way am I gonna know that without cheating. Can I have a half point?

    6) A pluralist

    I'm seeing a horrifyingly depressing theme to my ability to answer these stupid questions.

    Also: "replenish your fluids"? Ick.

  2. Also: "replenish your fluids"? Ick.

    I meant from stress and outrage. And in electrolytes and Gatorade. Must your mind always be in the gutter?

    Please say yes. You know I loves me a filthy Brit.

  3. My mind is certainly not in the gutter.

    It currently languishes in the storm drain beneath the gutter. I can't help it. I think it may be a medical condition.

  4. 1. The rubber band

    2. Someone who gets drunk on eggnog in the middle of the summer.

    3. Eunice.

    4. False.

    5. "He's Just Not Into You"

    6. grumpy

    7. Kilimanjaro

    8. Secretary's Day

    9. (don't say balls. don't say balls) DAMMIT.

    10. An immature agle.

    Jesus, how about some hard ones next time.

  5. I am answering the only one I knew without hesitation:

    5. The Bible

    Hot DAMN! I knew all those years of Sunday School would come in handy.

    I think TK got the other ones right.

  6. 1) Taxonomy/Bionomial Nomenclature

    2) Insect?

    3) HGH

    4) False?

    5) A Nicholas Sparks book?

    6) broke ass

    7) The country or the mountain? If mountain, TK's got it. If country, Chile.

    8) Valentine's Day. Created in a deal brokered by Satan between Hallmark, FTD, and Hershey's.

    9) Hee hee hee

    10) Isn't this word missing letters?


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