Monday, September 17, 2007

Trivia Answers

They are in a separate post so you all can use the comment space to lament over your lack of knowledge.

Aren't I the kindest?

1) Linnaeus developed the animal and plant classification system in 1735.

2) A noggin is a small cup or mug, and also a unit of liquid measure for ale or liquor equal to 1/4 pint.

3) Somatotropin, or STP for short, stimulate bone and muscle growth.

4) True. An epicure is a person who enjoys fine things, such as gourmet food.

5) The Witch of Endor can be found in the Bible, where King Saul asks her to summon the spirit of the prophet Samuel.

6) A monist believes everything is unified, while its philosophical opposite the dualist says that some things are always opposed.

7) The country is Costa Rica, the mountain is the 11,000-ft. volcano Irazu.

8) April Fools Day originated in France when the Gregorian calendar was adopted, moving New Year's Day from April 1 to January 1. Those who insisted on using the old calendar were considered April fools and were often the targets of many pranks.

9) The Sun. A proper magician's wand was made from hazelwood at sunrise, to draw on as-yet untapped solar power.

10) An aglet is the little plastic wrapping at the ends of shoelaces.

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