Friday, August 03, 2007

More links

This is why I am so smart? Anybody want to help dumb me down a little bit? (Yes But No But Yes)

I am going to miss these guys. And I am sure Sinbad and Stephen Dorff are consoling each other right now. (Junkiness)

Hot, molten AWESOME. Poured into your brain. And, as a bonus, John Stuart Mill giving a "Hells yeah!!!" (Pajiba)

Aw, crap. I know I have that last item. Better get ready to pop that kidney out. (Penny Arcade)

Anybody who steal from a library should be put to death!...Sorry, somehow my 5-year-old self got in here somehow. (QuizLaw) But my 6-year-old self wanted to show this. I was quite advanced fro my age. (QuizLaw)

"Greatest Black Man Alive" proved it by finally getting a court date. (Cele|bitchy)

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