Monday, August 06, 2007

Hotties in my Book: Laura Swisher

If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't be reading this today.

Whys: She is smart, funny, and quirky, but not in an annoying amount. She is the reason I even bothered with a blog, instead of talking to myself like I always do. She was the only reason I watch TechTV and later G4; I tend to find the attempts at snark and enthusiasm for geeky stuff quite lacking with the other personalities on that channel. Her mom is a nice lady who runs her Yahoo fan group. And look at whose car she is keying. Get back, TK, she's mine!

Why Nots
: The usual crippling shyness and stuff. She supports the BLACK HOLE KNOWN AS MYSPACE. Also, I think the only evidence of my existence to her is one half-assed joke on a 4+ year old post. Shamefully, I have not been keeping up too well with Lady Laura. Maybe it is time I did...

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