Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good News\Unsure News

Good News: According to MTV News (by way of Junkiness), Renny Harlan and Samuel L. Jackson are getting together for a sequel to The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Unsure News: Geena Davis more than likely won't be involved. While I did enjoy her as Charlie Baltimore, I am not crying in my cereal over it. Hell, as long as they can get Shane Black to write it, I am there.

TLKG has to be the best Sam Jackson movie ever, even though he is only a costar. Why? Because the man is so badass, he gets his ass whooped throughout the entire movie and is still able to save the day. The man got blown out of a damn third-story window, flew through a hotel sign, crashed into a tree, and was still able to throw a knife into a gunman trying to kill him. He literally rose from the dead at least three different times. Let's see Jesus do that to a kickass Muddy Waters guitar riff, then drive a busted Pontiac through an explosion while dodging falling car-sized flaming shrapnel.

That's what I thought.

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