Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updates since last I wrote - January 2013

Wow, I was feeling such a pity party in that last post, I forgot to actually wirte about stuff that matters.

- Like I said, I am signed up for Cannonball Read 5: The Quest for More Stress. Once again, I am semi-cheating by rereading the books I didn't write reveiws for last time, to cut down on reading time and see if there was stuff I missed. Then agian, apprently they are taking graphic novels now, so there may be hope.

- Got a new job, that so far is pretty great. Work is interesting, pays good, and the folks are nice. Kinda wish I could work somewhere without interoffice drama, but I suppose that is a fantasy. Gotta say, it is nice having my own health insurance now. I feel almost grown up!

- Speaking of which, turned 30 this past December. When you fail to die before you get old, what happens?

- Got another car, worked for a while. I actually got to drive it for a longer period of time than it has been in the shop, which is a big step up from my previous vehicle. And it looks like the proble now may not break my wallet! So, huzzahs all around for that!

- I have been going out socially more, thoug no dates as of yet. I have discovered my mutant power is somehow only being attracted to women already in relationships. Either that or my taste in women is so good they are already taken. Let's go with the latter.

Huh, better get back to work. But I'll be back later with my first CBR5 review. I do hope you'll enjoy it.

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