Thursday, November 18, 2010

So Finally, The Robbery Story

I know I promised this some time ago, but only recently have I found myself able to sit down and compose my thoughts. For those who I told before, there may be some things I didn't mention. For those who have no idea what this is about, well keep reading.

More than a month ago (on the 1st of October to be exact) I was home alone. My roommate was out at a late class, and my dad was next door at his residence. I was just getting off the phone with my mom telling her good night, when I heard a loud thump near the front of the house. Curious, I stood up and headed from my room towards the door.

The front door smashed in, sending the door jamb flying across the the sofa in the living room. Five or six men stormed inside, covered all in dark clothing and brandishing guns. They pushed me down on the floor and told me not to look up.

Needless to say, i did not feel like arguing.

They pulled everything from my pockets and began ransacking the house, stepping on my back to maneuver around. They wanted to know where the money was, since for some strange reason, somebody told them we were dope dealers. I denied it, and they did not believe me.

This went on for about an hour or so. They took all my cash and even the pile of change my roommate had on a side table. They then proceeded to break into my dad's place and repeat the same. They left just as my roommate got home. They also took my cell phone and all my keys.

You think that would be the end of it. Call the cops, do the report, get some things and stay overnight somewhere else. Well that is what I thought. Until I found out that they broke BACK IN after we boarded up the house and stole anything of value. Which is weird, because if it was the same guys, they would have still had my keys, and had no need to kick in the other, unboarded door.

Goodbye desktop.

Goodbye PS3 and Xbox 360.

Goodbye HD projector.

Goodbye cell

Goodbye horses....wait.

As noted by my roommate (who had his keyboard and guitars taken) the thieves made damn sure they didn't touch my books. I think text longer than a Smooth article acts like nigga garlic. And make no mistake, these were niggas (in the Boondocks sense of the word).

So now, all that I have left of my digital life is confined to my aging laptop and some burned discs of various utility. I am slowly rebuilding myself to the titan of technology you love and worship. But at least now you understand (at least some of) my online reclusiveness.

More to come soon....

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