Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Writing Links

For those of you interested (meaning SoD), here is the official forum for my current D&D 4E game. (Myth-Weavers)

As you know, I have gotten into a bit of a writer's kick (TK in particular has suffered through one of my ramblings). Writer Sandra Barret shares her method of worldbuilding: wikis! (Women and Words)

And LJ Cohen shows how he designed a one-page wiki (small enough to be on most USB Flash drives) for his novels, but can be used for any writing. (Once in a Blue Muse)

By the way, I am totally going to do this, and may or may not share the results with you. Depends on interest.

I found these links below during my web travels after looking into minority-authored SF. Some of these are fairly old, but they still merit some discussion.

It shouldn't surprise me as much as it does, but even the seemingly welcoming and diverse world of speculative fiction (where mythical creatures and extraterrestrials are the norm) has its share of bigoted a-holes. (transcriptase via AngryBlackWoman)

And to further stoke the fire, an examination of a message board discussion on the above issue
(Asimov’s forum ickiness at Tobias Buckell Online)

Even such a well-established writer as Ursula K. LeGuin can't avoid getting the Last Samurai and Blood Diamond treatment (Slate)

They even tried to get Neil Gaiman! (Words from the Center)

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  1. Shadows of DakaronAugust 18, 2008 at 2:41 PM

    Awesome! Tanks, dude. I will totally be following your game with a genuine interest bordering on fanaticism. Just a warning.

    I need to start writing again too, damnit. Okay, you start, let me know how it feels dipping your toe back into that pool again, and then I'll see if I wanna dive in.


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