Monday, July 28, 2008

Zombies, Superheroes, and Deathmarked IT Guys Part 1

me: Similar yes. But While Penance does it as a punishment, my character kinda inadvertently gets off on it
me: I liken it to Fuji from Stormwatch
me: Fuji is basically a big ball of gas in a giant robot suit
me: Being said gas, he is super sensitive to vibrations
TK: ok
TK: (just wiki'd him)
me: The vibrations cause the gas particles to bounce around and react
TK: and cause the occasional big O
me: Exactly
me: Everytime he absorbs energy, it hypes him up a bit
me: Excites him
TK: gotcha
me: I thought it would be a neat little twist
me: Say if Kristen bell was shooting electricity at him
me: He would be getting off on it, and not just becasue it was Kristen Bell
TK: though that wouldn't hurt
me: Right
me: A bonus really

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