Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend Links, Diva Style

I may have to get back into watching wrestling again, if this is what they are showing now. Rrrowr. (Sexy Divas - Layla El)

An interesting little article about The Dark Knight and how it is okay for some folks not to luuuurve it. (

I never thought someone could make me root for Wendy fucking Williams, but here it is. (Evil Beet)

Pajiba T-shirts. Buy 'em. (Pajiba)

Well, that is just messed up. What happened to Dear John letters or "forgetting" to pick them up from work while you snuck all your stuff out of their place? (MSNBC by way of Facebook)

How can you have such a list, and not include "every-goddamn-thing that ever touched his hands" from the Bourne movies? Come on! (Cracked)

Today's video: Part 1 of an interesting YouTube-only movie about the origins and motives behind the not-really-federal Federal Reserve. Prepare for a real mindfuck, folks.

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