Sunday, April 06, 2008


Eye feeling much better.

Currently working on some make up work for Japanese class.

Later, gonna store up some blog posts for the coming week (Night Court Week!), a little work of the project, then play some games.

I got this neat little program, Character Pro 5, that helps you develop personalities for fictional characters. I may post the profile for my project's protagonist soon.

Have not watched the BSG season premiere yet, so don't even THINK about spoiling it if you want to live.

Yes, Manny, I finished it. Pretty good, just one thing that kinda got me.

I am considering another meeting of the minds, seeing as how so many of you were interested in getting involved.

Damn, Kylie Minogue is frakkin' hot. Sorry, watching some recorded episode of Craig Fergueson and she is on.

The end.

1 brain pickings:

  1. Awesome. Hit me up when you're gonna be on Live again.


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