Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My First Chat Post: Part 1

I couldn't just trim it down to one excerpt, so I am stretching it out over the week.

girl with curios hair (gwch): this is an interesting situation, i'm talking to two atlanta residents at once right now!
me: Who else are you talking too?
gwch: my co-worker's daughter
gwch: she's a sweetheart
me: Neat.
me: She hot and/or single?
gwch: i'm trying to get her to come visit me
gwch: she's cute, i believe single
gwch: but also 16
me: That's legal here
me: This is the South
gwch: there you go!
me: Besides, as Manny would say, if there is grass on the field...
gwch: are you sure you want manny to be your role model?
gwch: seriously
me: What? What wrong with that?
gwch: he writes beautiful letters to himself and makes sure to remind himself of well endowed girls
gwch: i love manny
gwch: he cracks me up
gwch: but he refuses to meet with me and that makes me sad
me: Awww, poor [REDACTED]
me: Nobody wants to be around you in person.
me: Except me, of course.
me: heh
gwch: well thank you
gwch: but i'll believe you when i meet you in person
me: sure
gwch: we still have a large country as a buffer space between us
me: Yeah, too bad

1 brain pickings:

  1. "me: Besides, as Manny would say, if there is grass on the field..."

    I take offense to that. I would never say anything so low brow. However, I am fond of "If they're too drunk to dial for help..."


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