Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hottie in my Book: Olivia Munn

Been a while since I waxed poetic about women I may never date, huh? Well, it's back, and hornier better than ever! (Not really.)

Ah, the ever-popular co-host of G4's "Attack of the Show" with Kevin Pereira a.k.a. "the guy who takes time away from us staring at Olivia Munn". While not as attention-grabbing as some previous or future honorees, I felt it was time to acknowledge how much she, like the others, is quite out of my league. Hell, not even the same damn sport, really.

Whys: Well, she is quite well-versed in the geeky realms, as part of her job at G4. But she seems to honestly enjoy it, instead of just being a hot chick painfully feigning interest in order to earn a paycheck. And she is quite aware of her appeal, and even open mocks it. Doesn't hurt that her idea of mockery involves dressing up as certain sexual icons, wiener chugging, and most recently, faux lesbian makeout sessions. And we know how the Brain Receptacle feels about those. (Thanks Egotastic)

Why Nots: Well, she does work for G4, which personally I consider the MTV of geek-oriented television (drift racing? really?). By the way, I was one of those who bemoaned the demise of TechTV (which put another Hottie, Laura Swisher, out of a job), so I may be a bit biased. And I think she is dating some actor guy. But who knows? Maybe after I become a super famous reality star, thing could be different.

6 brain pickings:

  1. Does the love of G4 also mean that you watch the "Ninja Warrior"?

    Just thought that I would ask.

  2. Olivia M...Whowhat? Who is this person?

  3. As per your instructions I wrote a letter nominating you as a "geek" (how did that day go by the way?) and i got a REPLY saying yeah sounds great what is his home town and contact details so we can contact him?(!) I couldn't find an email link on your site anywhere though... and I don't have a blog soo don't really know how to get around this!
    Cheers anyway, SS

  4. melodylane: I catch when I can. Those dudes are nuts. And what kind of ninja does that stuff in plain sight? Doesn't that defeat the point of ninjas?

    BSlim: Just look at the pretty girl in the skimpy outfits. That is all you need to know.

    SS: I updated my profile with my general info, and included a email link as well. And thanks for the support!

  5. really fascinating...

  6. Come on Vermillion, post something! I need my fix, gosh dammit.


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