Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My first character death.

Okay, for those of you not very familiar with my RPG life, I play an online Star Wars SAGA campaign on Monday nights. This is what happened on our last session.

First, some background: we were playing a group of Jedi padawans and civvies on a mission for the Republic during the time between the first two prequels. We had landed on Kashyyyk and managed to get into a fracas or two, leading up to the point where we needed to find parts to repair our ship.

Now, while we were out and about, our group (consisting of three Jedi including myself and two scoundrels, one a techie and the other a noble multiclass) discovered a Trade Federation Droid Ship on a nearby dock, from which we could sense a powerful being in the Force. Exiting said ship was a figure covered in a black cloak surrounded by 18 (!) droids. Remember, at this point in the timeline, droids are BAD NEWS. Seeing as how we were padawans, pretty low level ones at that, the sensible thing to do would be to at least keep our distance, right? Because we couldn't possibly handle all of these guys, right?

Let the record show what happened:

** (1798) Creev Zrgaat calls to the cloaked figure. "Excuse me sir." **

(1806) GM: ((okay, so the party lingers behind as Creev charges upto the droids?))

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: ((walks... walks...))

(1834) Fodor Banto: "Yes, I believe that is exactly our plan. Approach him, converse with him."

(1806) GM: ((so who's approaching the droids?))

(1820) Yuli Vindt: :sarcastically: "Oh.. this should end well."

(1834) Fodor Banto: ((me))

(1821) AJ: (( I don't object to Creev trying the up front way of doing things... At least until the shooting starts. And not I said, the Republic Intelligence agent ))

(1806) GM: So Fodor and Creev appraoch?

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: ((I am))

(1834) Fodor Banto: yes

(1806) GM: ((you guys really need to tell me what you're doing))

(1806) GM: Then you two are now here.

** (1820) Yuli Vindt eases away from the rest of the party, looking for a nice place nearby to got a clear shot with his recorder, and not appear to be with them. **

(1806) GM: When you get there, the droids all aim their rifles at you and say "HALT"

(1821) AJ: (( I intend on following the TF group from a safe distance, about 4-5 squares whatever that translates into ))

(1806) GM: If you go off the makred map you fall to your doom

(1806) GM: ((Remember you're in the trees))

(1806) Battledroid: "Who are you and what do you want here human?"

** (1821) AJ murmurs. **

(1821) AJ: "This can't end well..."

(1806) GM: The cloaked figure does not appear to be bothered as he continues by escorted by the other half dozne droids

** (1834) Fodor Banto bows towards the cloaked figure, bows, sweeping his hands open to show he wields no weapons, ignoring the droids. "Good day, friend. I am Padawan Learner Fodor Banto, and this is my friend Padawan Learner Creev Zrgaat. We would like to inquire about your business here." **

** (1798) Creev Zrgaat shows empty hands as lets his are hover at his side with his palms facing the droids. "Excuse, My name is Creev, and a Torguta is my specific droids." **

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: ((species*))

(1806) Battledroid: "Good day jedi."

** (1806) Battledroid the droids all turn back in formation **

(1806) GM: The whole procession continues marching along

** (1821) AJ follows after the group quickly. **

** (1834) Fodor Banto follows the progression. **

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: "He knows were here, and he doesn't to talk, he's got the upper hand, even without those droids."

So far, so good right? Keep reading.

(1834) Fodor Banto: "You underestimate the Power of the Light Side, my friend."

** (1798) Creev Zrgaat calls to the droids who brushed Fodor and me off. **

(1821) AJ: (( I follow from a distance of 4-5 squares, and it may be futile, but I'll stealth follow ))

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: "Droid, would you stay a moment?"

(1834) Fodor Banto: (9I'm following openly))

(1806) GM: ((how close, you have a max move of 6 squares unles you double move, how close do you get?))

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: (( the "halt" distance))

(1821) AJ: (( Who is that one directed to? I'm assuming Fodor unless you say otherwise ))

(1806) GM: The procession continues marching along the huge pathway towards what appears to be a coveed overhang/landing much like the security one you were in

(1806) GM: ((all of you))

(1834) Fodor Banto: (I stay within 2 squares of the last droid))

(1806) GM: As Creev approaches the rear droids, they turn, aim their rifles and say, "HALT!"

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: "Would you give me the name of that which you protect droids?"

(1806) Battledroid: "Come no further jedi."

(1821) AJ: (( I get as close as 4 squares for now, using stealth to hopefully keep my presence, unknown ))

(1806) GM: The whole procession turns now.

(1806) GM: ((roll that AJ))

** (1834) Fodor Banto says to the droids "You have no authority here. Lower your weapon or I shall summon those who do have authority." **

(1806) GM: The droids ignore the jedi's question

This is where things go bad.

(1806) Battledroid: "You are mistaken jedi, we are escorts for our master who does business here, and he has much authority."

(1821) AJ: (( In my own imaginary world where I think I'm stealthing, I attempt to make my failed attempt look like I'm just heading to the market. ))

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: "Then why not relay a message to your master, he clearly knows we're here."

(1806) Battledroid: ((as the Imperial march queues on itunes... hehe))

(1834) Fodor Banto: "Perhaps, but you have no authority to tell me to halt." Fodor continues towards the cloaked figure.

(1806) Battledroid: "Then you shall die."

** (1798) Creev Zrgaat doesn't let Fodor go alone. **

(1820) Yuli Vindt: :mutters, even though Fodor can't hear him from this distance: "But they do have authority to kill you, claiming you an assassin."

(1806) Battledroid: The aim 18 blaster rifles at Fodor

(1820) Yuli Vindt: :to Vermillion and Aj: "You might want to stop them."

** (1826) Vermillion gets the jist of what's happening and shakes his head in disbelief. **

(1821) AJ: "This is the last time I let them think up an idea.."

(1806) GM: Give me init if you wish to try to pass the droids

(1834) Fodor Banto: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)

** (1821) AJ rushes up to the Jedi. **

(1806) GM: The cloaked and hooded figure turns around now

(1821) AJ: "Ok guys stop! STOP!!"

(1826) Vermillion: "Sure. But let him get balsted first. So he can learn 'Jedi' doesn't mean 'invincible'."

(1821) AJ: "Don't get yourself in trouble. Are you really here for a fight?"

(1806) GM: The cloaked figure says, "Yes, listen to your friend jedi."

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: "After you give us your name."

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: Initiative: [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)

(1806) GM: "That is none of your business."

(1821) AJ: "What he means is, 'May we ask your name?'"

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: ((I've got Fodors back))

** (1806) GM looks at AJ, "That's a lot more presentable, I shall have a talk with the Jedi Council about your companions manners and behavior, what is their names?" **

(1798) Creev Zrgaat: "May name is Creev Zrgaat of the Jedi Order, you must know what the Jedi Order is."

(1806) GM: "Oh indeed I do know the Order well."

(1821) AJ: "I suppose I don't need to be asked if they're gonna shoot their mouths off. May I have your name?"

(1834) Fodor Banto: "I have already introduced myself. I apologize. I did not realize you hearing was so poor. I"M FODOR BANTO."

(1806) Cloaked figure: "Creev, I shall remember that."

** (1806) Cloaked figure laughs **

(1806) Cloaked figure: "Shouting even, how unjedi like."

(1806) Cloaked figure: "You two really need a lesson in manners."

(1821) AJ: "Alright, shut it you two. We've got other things to take care of, like our ship."

(1806) Cloaked figure: ((the voice is distinctly female))


(1821) AJ: "We're obviously not getting a name, and we're not going to end up in Security's happy little home. Are either of you listening?!"

** (1806) Cloaked figure says, "Kill the insolent fools." **

(1806) GM: The droids open fire, autofire/rapid shot

Let me sum it up: these two (Fodor and Creev) decide to walk up to a group of battle droids, ignore their warning to not approach, and stroll straight past them towards the person they are protecting. Now, they are not disguised or anything, so they are pretty clearly defined as Jedi. As we subsequently discover, the cloaked figure was a Dark Jedi at least a couple of levels above us with dual lightsabers and a nasty attitude. She called for her droid guards to blast them to smithereens. Fodor managed to take out 8 of them before the sh!t really hit the fan. The Dark Jedi proceeded to flatten the geniuses (and poor AJ, who was trying to get them to stop) with a Force Slam, as the spaceport came under attack by droid starfighters. Since the Jedi are apparently supposed to do the last thing anyone with sense should, I had my character jump on top of a starfighter after her, in order to hold her off as the still-conscious members dragged the knocked out AJ and Creev to safety. She proceeded to take me apart with her twin lightsabers in one turn. Even if I did spend my Destiny points to stay alive, I would have still been unconscious and anyone who would try to get my body would have to deal with her.


(1806) GM: The party sees Vermillion get struck by two lightsabers both red and he falls from the starfighter

(1806) GM: His corpse bounces a few times on the tree limbs and lands in a heap

Here is a it of the after-session discussion we had, so you can understand completely what the issue was:

(1820) Yuli Vindt: Well on the bright side, I have a video that shows the federation opening fire on a couple of unarmed jedi, to prove our innocence, if we must.. and put an apb out on that woman

(1834) Fodor Banto: I aproached someone, tried talking to them, and they told their droids to murder me. They were about to murder a fellow padawan and I did mu best to stop them. If I get yelled at for that, then I will defend myself

(1820) Yuli Vindt: good night

(1821) AJ: night

(1821) AJ: that sucked

(1806) GM: May the Force be with you!

(1806) GM (exit): 23:16

(1821) AJ: lol if i had known all hell was gonna really break loose like that i wuldve second winded myself instead of going unconcious

(1820) Yuli Vindt: Fodor, I don't think you'd get reprimanded for rudeness so much as stupidity. Approaching a heavily guarded villain is the equivalent of trying to seduce a brown bear.

(1826) Vermillion: Now the way you put is sounds reasonable. Until someone adds that the person was surrounded by droids, which we know at this points are not friendly.

(1821) AJ: rofl

(1820) Yuli Vindt: Plus.. she did warn you not to approach.

(1834) Fodor Banto: Droids! Piffle! She was the only dangerous creature on the platform

(1820) Yuli Vindt: Thus you were intruding, her cordoned space and declaring yourself a threat, whether you meant harm or not

(1821) AJ: mind u the 18 droids shulda been warning enough

(1826) Vermillion: ANd she was wearing a black cloak. That is standard BBEG attire.

(1821) AJ: and we have a dead jedi now lol

(1821) AJ: ROFL

(1826) Vermillion: What DS initiate gets to wear a black cloak? Vader would have Force bitchslapped them for being so presumptuous.

Sigh. So expect my hopefully Mandalorian Soldier replacement to be up sometime this week

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  1. Is this the latest Star Wars d20 varaint or the one released ages ago for d6, I think, that nobody played?

    Regardless, very, very cool. I assume you play over IRC or some other client?

  2. It is the former.

    And we play over OpenRPG, a chat program specifically designed for RPGs. It is pretty neat, really.


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