Monday, October 29, 2007

Another great clip from "The Soup"

Those of you familiar with him from Pajiba will really appreciate this. Who is this, you ask? Just watch.

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    In related news, your pal Pookie is back on the comment threads defending his man Perry's honor. That silly, silly man.

  2. wait, Pookie's back???

    Whooeee, that guy had some serious love for Perry. He should introduce himself as Tyler Perry's Pookie.

  3. Thanks for that, now I'll never get it out of my head. Damnit!

    Seriously though, it is great.

  4. manda and kasia: Yeah, I saw, and if you look back at that last round-up, I responded a bit. It is hilarious after all of the whining and TP defending, Pookie actually tried to say "How do YOU know I'm black?" Apparently someone doesn't pay too much attention to what they are typing as a retort.

    daphne: I know.

    rusty: Tyler Perry! Tyler Perry! Tyler Perry! Tyler Perry! Tyler Perry! TYLER PERRY!

  5. Love The Soup clip. Thanks for posting it cause I would have missed it and all its awesomeness.

    Nobody loves Tyler Perry more than Tyler Perry - except for our good friend, Pookie.

  6. Unless.... Pookie is Tyler Perry.

    That would explain a lot.

    I'm starting to really love The Soup, despite having no access to it other then the few clips thrown my way.


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