Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dragon*Con 2007: Aftermath


That was something else.

I had a $500 spending budget for this thing. I have only $10 left. Which has to last me two weeks.

In other words: I had a blast.

I played Shadowrun 4E and d20 Modern Heroes. I I went to a panel for Elizabeth Rohm from Law & Order, and she was really cool, even though I never got to ask her if she could take out any of the other DAs. I witnessed when Christopher Judge finally learned what was the deal with furries, and saw a man who just ten minutes earlier started a whole discussion on poop finally be shocked, and a little disappointed.

But the highlight was the Walk of Fame. I got a autographed pic from Ron Glass (A Houseguest joke? What was I thinking? Gah!), Mark Sheppard and Claudia Christian (both commented on my name; Mark saying that with a name like that, I am inevitably going to do something important; Claudia just liked that I had the masculine version of her own), and frelling Gigi Edgely (who falls into that "pixie-like blonde British chick that I cannot stop loving" category). I nearly died, people.

Here are a few pics from hopefully a working link to the mini-album in Picasa. I included pics of the autographs since my scanner does not work.

Dragon*Con 2007

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3 brain pickings:

  1. Seriously, you met Gigi Edgely and Ron Glass? I may spontaneously combust with jealousy.

    The best I can do is Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks (oh and Lexa Doig who was present in "girlfriend of the Shanks" capacity"). Boo, rubbish.

  2. Yeah, and I met Rachel Luttrell, Alan Tudyk and Summer Glau last year. I am working myself up to going after the big boys like Kevin Sorbo.

    Did you know he is the third most bankable star in syndication, behind Oprah and Regis Philbin? Just from television, mind you, not counting whatever other world domination plans Queen Winfrey has active.

  3. Those are great pix, thanks.
    How I love Ron Glass!


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