Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random Stuff from My Growing Trivia Book Collection

In an ongoing effort to pad my blog with more inane entries give you faithful readers more to read each day, I decided to put up a random factoid or two from my various trivia books. It may be something big, or a little conversation starter, but hopefully you will leave my blog never ever ever again a little smarter.

To start us off, a little tidbit from mental_floss' Scatterbrained:

Just another breathy melodrama when it was published in 1981, Sisters sold poorly and was soon out of print. So why are paperback copies selling on the internet today for $300? Because Sisters makes its author, second lady of the United States and vocal gay marriage ban advocate Lynne Cheney, look like a big, fat hypocrite. It's a lesbian romance set in the Old West that features lots of romance and sex - both in and out of wedlock - and promotes contraceptive use for women who want to remain "free." Asked to comment on Sisters by the New York Times, Cheney said "I don't remember the plot." Apparently, gay marriage is even more controversial now than it was in 1981.

I added the links in order to prove veracity to those who may be doubtful.

So, in other words, Dick Cheney's wife wrote Brokeback Mountain 2.

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