Friday, July 13, 2007

Pop Culture Patron Saints

I came up with this little game when I was doing my bio. I was typing the part about Wil Wheaton being my patron saint, which got me pondering: who would be my other pop culture saints?

By the way, this would be a great Afternoon Comment Diversion (The Saints of Pajiba!) but if you do use it, please credit me.

St. Wil - Patron Saint of all things geekery (non-Star Wars related)

St. Seth - all things geekery (Star Wars related)

St. Aaron of Eckhart - illicit feelings of the love that cannot be named. Also of chin clefts.

St. Rosario -  all hopes for a girlfriend that is both into my geekery and possibly experimenting with other women.

St. Hayden - girls that are unfairly hot while being underage. Also, of girls with douchebag boyfriends (see also: St. Kim Porter).

St. Fererra - women who make me watch shows I would never think twice of considering if they were not on them.

St. Christian - actors who make the movies they are in ten times better than they have any right to be.

St. Cuthbert - vengeance and justice. And no, not Elisha.

St. Summer - lucky bastards that get to touch object of their affection from short-lived TV shows. Also, of crazy psychic people (see: Firefly, 4400).

That is about all I could think of right now. Who are some of yours?

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5 brain pickings:

  1. St. Damon- Saint of being a non-celebrity celebrity who (unlike most) carefully chooses his movies instead of taking anything that pays. See also: Saint George.

    St. Cheadle - Patron Saint of flat-out coolness.

  2. St. Campbell - Saint of having IT. Also, of being hungry like a wolf. Saint of chins and boomsticks.

  3. This is kind of great. Feel free to mock me for my choices.

    St. Ackles - Saint of fine fucking asses who make unwatchable things watchable. (See: Dark Angel, Smalville, sometimes Supernatural)

    St. Ryan (not Bryan) - Saint of overly prolific songwriters who still manage to make me cry.

    St. Mandy - Saint of celebrities who don't seem annoying to be around. Saint of female actresses who actually eat.

  4. Excellent choices, carrie! And welcome about the crazy train!


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