Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Patrick Stewart on Extras

By way of Popoholic.

Best part is Patrick's face when Ricky Gervais described his own project. And I love how Patrick is a bit confused at how a single man living alone has managed to not watch Star Trek. Just hilarious.

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2 brain pickings:

  1. This is my favorite scene from "Extras" ever. Mr. Salty and I are always quoting it, "I can see everything!"

  2. At this moment I cannot believe I haven't watched Extras before. I knew it was good and yet, resisted. Stubbornness. It's a curse. Hilarious. I'm so downloading some Extras now. I mean, watching some. On TV. Television. What is this downloading you speak of? I don't what you're talking about. Who are you again?


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