Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guilty Pleasure - Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School on VH1

I don't know why I am watching this show. I never saw a single episode of the original series because I refuse to support Flavor Flav's mission to single-handedly destroy our nation's credibility. For some reason, I can't stop watching not-so-bright women try to pull their best reality show tricks while keeping Mo'Nique from beating the crap out of them. Maybe it is because I am waiting for Mo'Nique to beat the crap out of them.

I jumped in in the middle of the season. My analysis: these women need severe psychological treatment. And that white guy is right; Larissa is a goddamned psychopath. Seriously. She needs to be locked up before she kills someone, then blames them for dying. That New York chick may be full-on crazy, but this one is like a black female Patrick Bateman. I am not exaggerating.

Also, Brooke, you are a slut. Just get it through your head. No degree in business is gonna change that. First off, until I actually see the paper, I take that little item with a grain of salt. You sucked on an ice sculpture while a dude you barely knew screamed sexual innuendos while pouring liquor down it. You were double-teamed on the dance floor, the only thing keeping them from blurring you out was that you still managed to wear clothing. To stand there and continue to ignore how horrendously you screwed up was insulting to everybody involved.

I do have a confession to make though. I do have favorites. In fact, the four current (as of this posting) finalists are the only ones who consistently seemed to be serious about taking the lessons to heart. They were the ones who actually felt hurt when they failed a challenge. The ones who actually regretted actions they made. And I may be in love with one of them. I won't say who until a later "Who Am I Crushing On" post.

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