Wednesday, May 30, 2007

About Damn Time....

Over on QuizLaw (a favorite), they had a clip of an Atlanta judge who just finishes sentencing a child molester to life in prison before he launches into a tirade at the mother. Before you get upset though, listen to the facts of the case:

The thing is, there are many more stories like this that don't have even this good of an ending. How anyone can have such a person in their home with their children is incomprehensible. It is 'parents' like this woman that almost make me wish there was such a thing as regulated procreation; some people do not deserve to have kids, and those kids certainly didn't deserve a mother like that.

Another thing I noticed: the guy being sentenced actually looks upset that he got life. Man, that was a damn gift. If I was that judge hearing that mess, both of them would be heading for death row.

I am gonna call my mother now and thank her for not being a screwed-up mess.

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