Saturday, January 08, 2005

After seeing the guy who runs above said site on Unscrewed (G4 BURN IN HELL FOR CANCELING IT!), I went to check it out. It had the usual suspects: Justin Timberlake, Evanescence Alter Bridge; pretty much anyone who is being shoved onto MTV.

He had footage of himself going to concert for these artists and telling the fans that they should go home, because they have bad taste in music. I USED to think that he was pretty brave for doing such a thing, since he had been close to a beatdown many a time.

But then I noticed something. All these fans he was confronting, these pop and rock zombies he was lambasting: they were mostly while midwestern suburbanite teens. They were not threatening. They were laughable. Anybody could say that their music sucked. I mean, look at them. There was no challenge in it. There was no real defiance. It was too easy. It was LAME.

But why? What went wrong? As I studied the matter deeper, I felt anger. Why? Because this guy seemed like he was accounting for everybody, but actually wasn't. It seemed to me that he was gearing this site to those who had actually heard of the acts, and disliked them as well. Which I thought was unfair.

I felt that if this guy wanted to prove to me, as well as others, he needed to take a bigger risk. He needed to do something that would prove that he was not a lame duck. He needed to put the right person on that site, someone who would show the validity of his cause. That is when it hit me: he needed to put JaRule on his site.

As some of you may know. JaRule is a black rapper, signed to (formerly Murder) Inc. Records. Not exactly the kind of people you insult. But I and many of my fellow young black male friends feel his is terrible. Anyone who thought he was the be-all-end-all to rap had horrible taste. So, logically, I saw that JaRule was more than appropriate for this site. But of course, that is if this guy has the guts.

It is safe for me to say JaRule sucks, because I am a black guy on a blog espousing my personal feelings. But if this guy, who claims to use a scientific method to determine bad music, will have the guts to put JaRule, or any rapper or performer of 'black' music, to the test to see if they suck. Then will he get my respect.

So how about you, my readers (who, by the looks of things, is just me)? What do you think? Who do you feel should be put on

P.S. You know what's funny? I absolutely hate thinking in terms of race. Hate it.

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