Monday, January 03, 2005

My First Blog Posting! Yay!!!!!

Hello, all.

This is my first of hopefully many blog postings. I am to be called Vermillion around here. Why? Because I like the name. It is better than my real name. What is my real name, you ask? Why you wanna know? Do I know you or something? If I do, can I borrow a few dollars to hold me 'til Friday?

I decided to sign up for this blog service for three very good reasons:
3) I see everyone and their mother has a blog, and if they can have one to put up their utter baloney, I should be able to post my utter bullcrap too.

2) I am working on a normal website, but until then, I am sticking all my thoughts, writings, and misc. stuff I think of here (hence the blog's name; ingenious huh?).

1) Main reason: The Swish (Laura Swisher for the unintiated) has her blog here, and I am under the utter delusion that she will read mine and actually give a crap about it. If you thought I was going to say " she will read it, fall madly in love with me sight unseen, and we run away, laughing at dolts and having cute little sarcastic babies," sorry to disappoint, but I aim low.

If you thought any of this was funny, let me know. If not, keep it to yourself, because I need all the positive reinforcement I can get.

Here is to a hopefully prosperous Ner Year and new blog.

Wow, that was corny.

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